This walkable fountain represents a milestone in the field of Water Architecture, as it is the first fountain in the world of these characteristics installed on the roof of a building. The technology of LI-F5200 compact jets, not requiring to be inside a water tank to operate, allows the weight of the cover to be considerably lightened, so that the installation of the pipes is housed in the large free hollow space under the fountain’s finished floor. The water recirculates through the stainless steel filtering lids and drains designed for this purpose, to a water tank located on a lower floor, in which the water is filtered and purified, and thus returns clean and crystal clear to the waterfalls and vertical jets of the fountain.

This modern walkable fountain has a double function: it is a swimming pool during the day, so that the guests of the hotel, who sunbathe in the solarium next to the fountain, get wet and cool in the waterfalls and fountain jets, which evolve performing relaxing and attractive sequences; and on the other hand, it is a water-color-music show during the evenings, to entertain the visitors of the modern chill-out terrace, in which the rooftop of the hotel Las Arenas, one of the hotels with more tradition and exclusives in Benalmadena, has been reconverted.

The fountain consists of 12 walkable compact jets LI-F5200 model, which incorporates a Multicolor LED projector that illuminates the water jet in its entirety. This LED projector can combine thousands of different colors that are chosen harmoniously, to ‘paint’ light and color throughout the fountain jets, by the powerful Controlidor software that handles the entire installation in an interactive and fully automatic way.

The fountain jets are activated by the progressive valve LI-RS-1245, patented by Lumiartecnia, which does not produce a water hammer or noise in the installation, being governed by an electronic system developed by us. The LI-RS-1245 progressive valves, allow the regulation of the height of each fountain jet independently in each of them, making the musical fountain dance to the rhythm of any music and evolve dynamically, creating a wide variety of sequences of appearances, displacements and changing water scenes.

The LI-F5200 jets are perfectly integrated in floor level pavement. Its filter cover, made of stainless steel, is passable even with bare feet, since they are polished to eliminate any metal edge.

The fountain integrates a water filtration system that maintains the quality of the water as if it were a pool, with automatic PH control and dosing of the chemicals. A wind control system reduces the height of the jets in case of moderate wind or momentarily disconnects in case of strong wind. Both systems are also controlled from the Controlidor program itself.


Project Details:

  • Project: 12 LI-F5200 Walkable Fountain. Hotel Las Arenas, Benalmadena. Spain.
  • Architect: Francisco Carrasco Pérez
  • Project Team: Lumiartecnia Internacional, KRM
  • Water Engineering: Lumiartecnia Internacional.
  • Client: Hotel Las Arenas
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