Walkable Fountain Interactive with push buttons

At Juan de la Cierva Square, in the town of Getafe, a walkable fountain composed of 72 vertical jets, arranged in a matrix of 12 x 6 on a surface of 120 sqm is located.

The jets are divided into 6 groups of 12 units, each controlled by a pump with electronic frequency variation, so that water jets can raise independently, from very low height up to more than 2 meters highthus creating architectures varying in water head and flow.

In front of the fountain a stand with hand buttons is located, from which you can act on different groups of jets from the fountain. Thus, visitors can modify the appearance of the fountain and play to change the heights of the jets of each quadrant in an interactive and fun way.

The fountain displays a wide variety of sequential games and regulates the height of the jets depending on the wind speed and the interaction of visitors on the fountain.

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Project Details

  • Project: Walkable Fountain Interactive with push buttons
  • Project Team: Lumiartecnia Internacional, Imesapi.
  • Water Engineering: Lumiartecnia Internacional, Imesapi.
  • Client: Municipality of Getafe