Set of Fountains at Tirso de Molina square. Madrid

Plaza Tirso de Molina (formerly called Plaza del Progreso) is a public space in the center of Madrid with triangular plant, which extends towards the street Magdalena and neighboring Plaza de Anton Martin. It is named in honor of the seventeenth century Spanish playwright has in it one of the statues dedicated to Tirso in the capital of Spain. The urban complex forms the northern boundary of the district Lavapiés.

With the renovation of the Plaza Tirso de Molina has carried out a significant extension of the useful pedestrian surface thereof. Until recently, the square was an island surrounded by traffic which made it difficult to use it. The new square has gained in pedestrian area, generating a continuous area of great magnitude devoted to the implementation of a flower market, consisting of 19 stalls selling flowers or items related to the world of flowers, distributed throughout the square and create an atmosphere which gives it the character of steady daily market and flowers .

As singular elements stand out the elements of water. three independent Fountains are located in three different areas of the square.

Surrounding the new location of the statue of Tirso de Molina is placed a first fountain set which has the character of a refecting waterfall. The statue is surrounded by water, and it performs the dual function of beautification and protection against aggressions.

A second fountain set is located at the area of influence of the new theater Apollo and is a series of simple fountains of independent elements that sprout from the ground.

The third group of fountains is placed around the area of influence of the flower market, it is a more playful set of water jets, fountains consisting of five ground level installations with computer control.

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Project Details

  • Project: Set of Fountains at Tirso de Molina square. Madrid
  • Project Team: Lumiartecnia Internacional
  • Water Engineering: Lumiartecnia Internacional
  • Client: Constuctora Portillo S.A.