The hotel Jardines de Nivaria 5 * is a famous luxury hotel that has received many awards since its inauguration in 1997, such as the prestigious TUI Holly award that recognizes it as one of the 100 best hotels in the world or the hotel award Most eco-sustainable in the world, awarded by TripAdvisor.

Lumiartecnia Internacional has designed a luxurious fountain formed by a dome of 8 pulsating jets that deploy their laminar jets around the sculptural group of bronze, jumping dynamically to the top of the upper cup, in the form of a plate, thus creating a beautiful cascade of jets of water, which light up in a thousand colors at nightfall, using the RGB LED spotlights located at the base of the sculpture.

The Pulsar jets have multicolored LED lighting inside, making the laminar jet shine, from its outlet to its fall in the upper plate, thus crossing the entire liquid vein, with a crystalline aspect, giving the fountain jets a magical and resplendent aspect.

The fountain is completed by 2 illuminated water chalices, located on both sides of the central sculpture and inside the dome of laminar pulsating jets.

The fountain is governed from an advanced control box that incorporates the Controlidor software, allowing the fountain jets to perform a multitude of evolutions and dynamic games, leaps of water jet by jet, vary the height of the fountain jets dynamically depending on the wind, etc. ., as well as coloring the fountain using the possibilities that the rich range of colors of LED RGB lights can offer.


Client: Hotel Jardines de Nivaria

Water Engineering: Lumiartecnia Internacional

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