Digital Water Mural®

Digital Water Mural®.

The Digital Water Mural® it is a novel and exclusive architectural element, patented by Lumiartecnia International. Designed especially for interiors, it is the ideal solution for spaces that want to incorporate a decorative and technological water element in their designs, generating a relaxing and cozy atmosphere.

The Digital Water Mural® represents a revolution in the integration of water inside interior spaces.

The water slides on a surface that improves its visibility and slows down its fall with an enveloping cadence. This surface can also serve as a video projection support.

It is designed to be visible from both sides, so it can be installed against a wall or as an autonomous element, thus allowing the possibility of separating different areas.

Our control software Controlidor® governs the system, which allows to make original patterns, graphics and textures with water. The DWM also integrates a multicolored LED linear projector which synchronizes color lights with texts and graphics.

It is perfect for shop windows, spas, restaurants, hotels, casinos, nightclubs, etc.

Main features:

• Very silent
• Does not splash
• Low water and energy consumption.
• Closed water circuit
• Easy maintenance
• Custom design
• Can be used as a video projection screen
• Modular (adaptable in size up to 3m high and 1.4m wide)
• It can be controlled from an exclusive App

Digital Water Mural Models:

We have developed three different types of Digital Water Mural (DWM), depending on your installation system:
DWM WALL: Installed on a wall, partition or facade.
DWM GLASS: Installed on windows and glass panels.
DWM STAND-ALONE: Self-supporting screens of Digital Water Mural to create separations of spaces in interiors (restaurants, shop windows, hotel lobbys, spas, shopping centers, corporate offices, etc.) or to create large-scale Digital Water Murals using several of them in a chain.

Possibility of making it Interactive:

By downloading our App, users can send graphics, write texts and control the lights of the Digital Water Mural.

A global innovation of Lumiartecnia

The Digital Water Mural® has been awarded at the International Invention Exhibition in Geneva with the following Prizes:
• Best Industrial Design
• Best Spanish patent
• Gold Medal, with the congratulations of the jury, in the category of interior architecture.

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