Controlidor® Master Controller Panels

The most advanced Fountain control in the world installed in an electric board ready to work

We exclusively manufacture an avant-garde range of electric control panels for Aquatic Ballets, Digital Water Curtains, Walkable Compact Fountains and Pulsar Jets Fountains which include our advanced Controlidor® Software.

The electrical panel incorporates our Controlidor® system located on a touch screen panel computer from which the entire installation is operated, with the specific software of each project already programmed and ready to work.

The electrical panels are manufactured in our facilities and adapted to measure to comply with the local regulations and specifications of each country to which we export our equipment.


The electrical panels are made to measure for each project, integrating all the regulatory protections and switchgear of the equipment that makes up each installation (pumps, VFDs, Filtration equipments, etc.), completely electrified and factory tested, so that the customer only has to interconnect the cables to the terminals marked on the control board, thus leaving the installation ready to operate.

The price of this electrical panel is very affordable so it is a smart decision to acquire it together with the Fountain equipment.

The control panel has all the necessary electronics and interfaces to receive the different signals of inputs and outputs to receivers for the correct operation of the installation, such as: anemometer sensors, wind counters, level probes, electronic DMX for control of LED lighting, digital interfaces for controlling the frequency variation equipment of pumps or other similar electronics, control drivers for valve activation and pulsar jets, pH meters and chemical sensors for water quality control, router WiFi for interactive control from Smartphones or Tablets, connection outputs to sound equipment, etc.


The content of the electrical board is tailored to each project according to the specifications of each client.

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