Control Electronics

Lumiartecnia manufactures and designs its own electronics and interfaces to control the fountain elements, such us valves, DMX LED lights, motion detection sensors, wind sensors, etc.

The control panel of the installation can integrate our control electronics for the activation of all the receivers of the installation.

Lumiartecnia designs and develops customized solutions for the control of all input and output signals of the computer control system: Wind sensors, level sensors, digital power cards, DMX512 control interfaces, MIDI, Ethernet, Profinet, Apps for Smartphones and Tablets , Control by WiFi, Bluetooth, Etc.

If you cannot find the product you are looking for, contact us. We have many more products than those shown on the web.

LI-A5300 Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

We develop custom applications to use in our projects.

LI-AE1600 DMX Fountain Controller

Programmable controller for DMX512. It includes software so you can create your own sequences.

LI-AE1400 Anemometer

Anemometer calibrated to accurately measure the wind level in the vicinity of the sources.

LI-AE1400 Anemometer Sensor Counter

LI-AE1400 sensor pulse counter. Programmable in 3 levels of wind cutting.

LI-A5200 Motion detector sensor

Microwave motion detection sensor. Several models are available depending on the distance range to cover.

LI-AE1550 Interface DMX-Ethernet

Ethernet to DMX converter interface for use from a computer with Controlidor® software.

LI-A1540 Interface DMX-RS232

RS232 to DMX converter interface for use from a computer with Controlidor® software. Ideal for communicating with installations from old sources that still have cpus with RS232 protocol.

LI-A1705 DMX Interface 3 Outputs for LED Lights

DMX512 signal conversion interface to RGB LED lights

LI-A1530 3 Jet Heights Control Card

Electronic control card that allows varying the heights, in three configurable levels, of a single-phase pump.

LI-A1540 DMX Interface for LED lights

DMX512 signal conversion interface to RGB LED lights of the LI-L1200 and LI-L4000 range

LI-A1501 Motherboard for 6 Control card

Electronic base plate to connect 6 electronic cards of 6 Triacs of the model LI-AE1500

LI-AE1500 6 Triacs electronic card

6 triacs electronic board for control of the submersible valves of the LI-1055, LI-1050 and LI-1045 range

LI-AE1702 Power Supply

We have a complete range of approved power supplies to power our DC receivers, such as RGB LED projectors and electronic control projectors of our own design.

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