Control Electronics

Control Electronics.

Lumiartecnia manufactures and designs its own electronics and interfaces to control the fountain elements, such us valves, DMX LED lights, motion detection sensors, wind sensors, etc.

LI-A5300 Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

LI-AE1400 Anemometer

LI-A5200 Motion detector sensor

LI-A1540 Interface DMX-RS232

LI-A1530 3 Jet Heights Control Card

LI-A1501 Motherboard for 6 Control cards

LI-AE1702 Power Supply

LI-AE1600 DMX Fountain Controller

LI-AE1400 Anemometer Sensor Counter

LI-AE1550 Interface DMX-Ethernet

LI-A1705 DMX Interface 3 Outputs for LED Lights

LI-A1540 DMX Interface for LED lights

LI-AE1500 6 Triacs electronic card


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