ALMA Ponds Serie

Lumiartecnia Internacional has created the ALMA line, of our own design, of ponds for interior spaces, gardens and patios.

Manufactured in stainless steel with natural stone coating.

ALMA Ponds

The interior of the pond can contain a varied range of illuminated jets with LED lights, including our laminar jets and Pulsar® Jets.

With an elegantly designed pond, the pools of the ALMA series are perfectly integrated into your space, creating an attractive and relaxing environment, without splashing, noise or other inconveniences due to water and with very little need for maintenance.

LI-ALMA01 60×60

LI-ALMA02 60×60 with collection channel and 60×60 pool

LI-ALMA03 60×60 with wooden seat

There are many fountain combinations using the ALMA ponds line.

Ask us to make your project customized.

The color and shape of the stone can be chosen a la carte within an extensive catalog.

Photographic plates are an attractive complement to adapt to different models.

LI-ALMA11 120×60

LI-ALMA12 120×60 with double height and waterfall

LI-ALMA13 120×60 with double height,

waterfall and photographic plate

LI-ALMA21 270×60

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