The avant-garde aquatic landscaping of Central Park recreates a varied repertoire of water forms in an extensive journey through fountains, canals, waterfalls, sheets and water mirrors. These original aquatic landscapes, which sometimes form infinite with the channels of water – as a metaphor of the water cycle – and other times sprout from the ground in the form of innovative walkable fountains, represent a refreshing mix of clear designs and cutting-edge technology in equal parts , to attract, relax and entertain the experience of taking a walk through this park so attractive and desired.

In the aquatic designs, there are two remarkable ground level fountains: La Principal, located next to the Plaza de las Artes, and La Infantil, located in the South access. Both use Lumiartecnia LI-F5200 walkable compact jets, which contain a multi-color RGB LED spotlight inside; a progressive valve RS-LI-1245, which does not produce water hammer and a recessed and adjustable nozzle capable of producing a vertical jet of great height and crystalline aspect. Through the stainless steel lid of the walkable compact jets, the water quickly returns to the compensation tank, where it is purified and filtered with the quality and hygiene of a pool system, controlling the PH and the precise chlorination doses so that the water from the fountain flows always clean and crystal clear, so visitors can play with the water jets safely.

A sheet of water, which overflows from the upper perimeter of the main fountain, wets the entire granite stone surface of the fountain, creating a large pond covered by a thin layer of water of just 2 cm, whereby the visitors can walk and refresh their feet on hot days. The water in this sheet is never stagnant, as it flows continuously generating a relaxing murmur, similar to that of a stream, which not only refreshes the feet, but also the environment.

The walkable fountain and the sheet of water work combined by the use of the Controlidor computer system in various ways: only sheet water, sequential, interactive and show. In the sequential and interactive modes, people can interact with the 135 walkable jets fountain, which will have programs with different sequences, either slow or dynamic or a combination of both.

The Show mode is destined to be a Great Luminous Aquatic Ballet, where the jets will reach a great height of more than 8 m, making very dynamic and aesthetic sequences, visible from all the ample space that surrounds the main fountain.

The varied aquatic landscapes formed by channels, ponds and waterfalls form the main avenues of the park, functioning as authentic arteries that transport the water and its freshness in all corners, converting the different landscaped spaces into true urban oases, where the Valencians can now have a rest and relaxation meeting point in the heart of the city.

The engineering and the technology of the set of walkable fountains, waterfalls and water channels of the Parque Central, has been carried out by Lumiartecnia Internacional in collaboration with Imesapi. The LI-F5200 Compact Jets and Controlidor Control software are patented by Lumiartecnia Internacional.

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Project Details:

  • Project: Waterscaping Projects at Parque Central. Valencia, Spain.
  • Project Team: Lumiartecnia Internacional, Imesapi, Pavasal
  • Water Engineering: Lumiartecnia Internacional, Imesapi
  • Client: Valencia Municipality
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