Ocean Fountains, Madrid, Spain

Emilio Carretero Alba has been very active in the field of architectural fountains, which can be summarized in more than 600 artistic fountains with water-light and Aquatic Ballet, having installed a hydraulic power larger than 10000 CV than 10,000 and a lighting power exceeding 7,000 KW.

Among his projects is remarkable the water engineering and fountain design projects for the renovation of Madrid’s downtown historical fountains.

Mor information at: http://www.lumiartecnia.com/blog/lumiartecnias-history/60-years-of-research-development-and-accomplishments/

Project Details

  • Project: Ocean Fountains, Madrid, Spain
  • Project Team: Emilio Carretero, Direction of Parks and Gardens of the City of Madrid.
  • Architect Studio: Manuel Herrero Palacios
  • Water Engineering: Emilio Carretero Alba
  • Client: Madrid Municipality