Great Hotel Miramar, Malaga.

It is the most luxurious hotel in Malaga, 5 Star Great Luxury, recently renovated following the original nineteenth century style with historicist and Andalusian nuances. The hotel has been built following the model of the Ritz Hotel in Madrid and the ‘Riviera Palace Hotel’ in Montecarlo.
On the façade facing the sea, the central axis is framed between two turrets of square proportions and before it extends a beautiful garden in which has been recreated a luxurious swimming pool on which pour their crystalline waters 34 laminar jets from Lumiartecnia, illuminated spectacularly at night using multicolored LEDs housed inside, so that they generate a large tunnel of arches, in the form of a growing Generalife, which varies in height and colors, according to the programming of our Controlidor® system.
The front pavilion incorporates a lordly three-ladder staircase and on the first floor there is a lovely terrace with arcade of half point. Under this marble staircase, a pond and an architectural fountain composed of 12 Pulsar jets® from Lumiartecnia are integrated. The ‘pulsar jets ®’ perform sequential jumping games and aquatic ballet choreographies, dramatically illuminated at night, making a wink and playing in sync with the laminar jet fountain pouring onto the pool, located in front of it garden.
Both fountain installations are monitored interactively from a single central computer which includes our advanced Controlidor® system for controlling water play and spectacular LED lighting.


Project Details

  • Project: Great Hotel Miramar. Málaga
  • Proyect Team: Lumiartecnia Internacional, Hidroingenia
  • Water Engineering: Lumiartecnia Internacional, Hidroingenia
  • Client: Great Hotel Miramar