60 Years shaping the Water…

And still flowing…

Lumiartecnia is a leading company in innovation, development and application of the latest technologies in the field of Water Architecture.

Our longstanding tradition and extensive experience has made us great specialists with deep knowledge of the possibilities that treasures water engineering in ornamental, recreational and spectacular applications, which we develop worldwide for over six decades.

60 Years of Research

Emilio Carretero Álvarez

Initiator of the saga of inventors

He developed throughout his life an intense research in many fields of technology. As a result of this work he came to register more than 50 patents some of which were important innovations, which led to industrial products with high disclosure at the time, for which he received numerous awards, both national and international.

Emilio Carretero


Emilio Carretero Alba brought notable improvements, which resulted in a significant reduction in costs and an increase in spectacularity of the water features and lighting.

His professional life has been devoted to fountain engineering, performing more than 600 architectural fountains and Aquatic Ballets, the most outstanding resume of Spain and probably of the world.

Juan Carretero


The family tradition continues with the founding of Lumiartecnia International and his incorporation to the engineering department. Throughout his 30 years of experience he has carried out many research activities, some of which have resulted in patents that have led to a breakthrough in the field of water engineering and architecture.

María Ángeles Carretero

Sales Director

Graduated in Law, Maria Angeles is in charge of the sales management. She stands out for her communication skills and fluency in several languages.

Three generations devoted to the Investigation in the field of Water Architecture.

We are fortunate to live with passion and true calling our profession, which leads to the continuous research of new water shapes and original concepts that have always characterized our projects

Lumiartecnia management team is formed by members of the Carretero family with a strong academic background, specializing in different technical and management areas required by the company.

Francisco Carretero

Technical Director

Francisco is the engineer in charge of the technical direction of the company, in which he prints his optimistic character and tireless work capacity.

Isaac Carretero

Art Director

With an extensive musical training, he imaginatively directs the artistic department creating Aquatic Ballets choreographies for over 15 years.



Turnkey projects worldwide.

Lumiartecnia is an international leader in technology for fountains, with hundreds of installation projects in more than 30 countries

If the customer requires it, we engage in the complete project installation and comprehensive maintenance service



Lumiartecnia develops unique works with international recognition.

We have offices in Miami and Madrid.

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Our Services





Water Engineering

Our services include counseling and advice to architects, engineers, decorators, artists and designers in general.

We perform all the project engineering from the initial idea to the realization of the executive project, including the hydraulic, mechanical and electrical drawings, construction specifications and calculations with detailed specification of all installation components.

Unique Vanguard projects

Lumiartecnia is one of the most innovative and dynamic companies in the industry with revolutionary works, which have solved major technological challenges, such as: Water Matrix in Paris, the 3D Fountain or Digital Water Pavilion ExpoZaragoza2008, to name just a few.





We make your Project come true

Our mastery of water engineering and the aesthetic possibilities of water, ensures the success of all our works, which are carried out with competence and utmost professionalism, from the design stage to final execution.

Customer Service

We strive to give the best service possible to our customers during the construction process and a quick and close after sales service, as well as technical on-line support and software upgrades when new Controlidor updates are released.





Software development

We have developed our own controller software and mobile applications: Controlidor®. It is the most powerful software in the market, customizable for each project according to requirements and customer specifications. It allows remote control over the internet and connectivity with smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. to interact with our fountain installations and digital water curtains

Creativity and Innovation

We have registered over 20 patents, among which stand out the digital water curtain® and the walkable jet technology. Our capacity for invention is not limited to efficiently solve engineering challenges, but we propose ideas, innovative concepts and new products, which are now possible thanks to our advanced technology.





Own-design Manufacturing

We develop the most complete range of products for Architectural Fountains, including custom solutions.

The need to create the best solutions for our engineering projects, often to be realized requires the development of new nozzles or new technical solutions, led us to become manufacturers to ensure in this way the quality and technical rigor is met by our high performance demands and hydraulic design.

This philosophy of perfectionist engineer is what has made us the highest manufacturer of quality in the market, being our nozzle and solenoid valves designs highly appreciated by the most demanding customers who seek a hallmark for perfection in their projects.

Quality policy

Lumiartecnia International has set a goal of achieving excellence in all processes developed by the company and in the manufacturing of our products, which has led us to get certified in ISO 9001 to ensure our customers the best possible service.

We perform all our activities respecting the environment and promoting good environmental practices, which is why we have certificate under ISO 14001 and the European EMAS II regulation, which make public our environmental policy and commitment to society.






R&D = Urban Oases

The inventive activity developed in the R + D department, allow us to apply the results of these researchs to design new creations in the field of water architecture, which for its originality and fantasy transform public spaces into real Urban Oases: unique meeting places for leisure and recreation where water plays an important role.

The application of the latest advances in technology is essential in the design of our projects, being our main motivation the constant research for new forms of water expressions. Among the main lines of research and realization we developed are: Urban beaches, Smart Fountains, Digital Water Curtains, Compacts Jets for ground level fountains, Aquatic Ballets and multimedia Water Shows.

Lumiartecnia collaborates with many architects, decorators and renowned artists to help them create innovative and cutting-edge water designs integrated into their projects and artwork. We have developed many works for water-related places such as: exhibition centers, international exhibitions, museums, hotels and upscale restaurants.

There are many fountains rehabilitated by Lumiartecnia International. To do this we apply the most sophisticated technology in both the control systems using our Controlidor Master Controller, in mechanical systems (new generation valves) and lighting, with a wide range of new LED lights that allow considerable energy saving and durability.

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