At Gran Vía street in Madrid, Huawei’s largest store in the world has just opened its doors. The showcase is entirely formed by a spectacular Digital Water Curtain (DWC) that drops from 8 meters high, forming the logo and the name of the famous brand of smartphones.

This project has been a great challenge and an important technology breakthrough to finally achieve that the technology of the Digital Water Curtain can be installed, permanently, in an interior space, falling from a great height, without producing noise, splashes or any other inconvenience related to water. Until now, the field of application in interior spaces destined to the DWCs was practically reduced to ephemeral installations in trade shows, fairs and events. This innovative project demonstrates, in a spectacular way, that our water curtain technology can now be installed permanently in any interior space.

The Huawei Flagship Digital Water Curtain creates a Wow effect that draws attention to shop visitors as soon as they pass through its doors. This great veil of water that falls from 8 meters high, is divided into 2 cloths with a total length of 6 meters, creates a refreshing, relaxing and welcoming atmosphere that invites the brand’s customers to stay and contemplate and enjoy the show that develops the DWC.

The interactive water cascade evolves continuously, changing shapes, patterns, printing Huawei’s logo and brand, while thousands of drops of water are colored by the bright LED lights of the installation.


Project Details:

  • Project: Digital Water Curtain inside Huawei’s Flagship Store. Madrid.
  • Architect: Cushman&Wakefield
  • Project Team: Lumiartecnia Internacional, IC
  • Water Engineering: Lumiartecnia Internacional.
  • Client: HUAWEI