Digital Water Curtain at Origen Restaurant, Bilbao

The Origen’s Digital Water Curtain creates a cozy atmosphere of fine rain that welcomes diners inviting them to relax to enjoy an excellent meal in this trendy restaurant in Bilbao.

The digital water curtain divides the main hall into two spaces creating a restaurant and a chill out area to enjoy both spaces with different gastronomic experiences.

The thin rain that falls gently from the digital water curtain generates graphics, patterns and water texts that surprise, amuse and relax visitors so that they can enjoy a gastronomic experience that goes beyond the delicacies offered by their original menu ofJapanese-Latin-Basque fusion.

The Digital Water Curtain is 100% suitable for interior spaces: It is silent, does not splash, interactive, with a colorful LED illumination, recirculates the water always clean and purified, incorporates a state-of-the-art computer control system that makes the installation work automatically without practically having to perform maintenance tasks. In addition, the water skin of the water curtain serves as a projection support for promotional videos of the restaurant.

Project Details

  • Project: Digital Water Curtain at Origen Restaurant
  • Team Project: Lumiartecnia Internacional
  • Architect: Ainara Arévalo
  • Client: Origen Restaurant