Casinos Roundabout Square. Jerez de la Frontera

It is so called colloquially the semicircle that forms the streets, out of Hondas and entry into Larga, from time immemorial, because this is a site not only popular but also attention of many public events in Jerez such as the location of a giant christmas tree, checkpoint official tour of Holy Week, etc. It is currently an area of intense traffic, bus stops and headquarters of financial institutions.

The large dynamic architectural fountain, has become one of the favorite sights of the city and occupies the center of attention of the square, emphasizing the harmony of its aquatic forms, their perfect symmetry of beautiful proportions and aquatic jets evolutions, which allow the fountain to show a wide diversity of aquatic scenes of great dynamism.

The civil works of the source consists of a cup of 10 m in diameter limestone. Its construction has used the pedestal that stood at the roundabout before the works, incorporating a plate of limestone 3.75 m in diameter, on which the circular added covering all the installation a piece.

The hydraulic work the upper cup, consists of a central jet of 6 m high, a central cloud of spray, eight parabolic jets that make up a ‘palm water’ pouring from the top plate to the bottom, which happens to be the scenario more attractive water fountain. In the lower cup, hydraulic the fountain scenarios are, 8 vertical jets and four spray clouds.

All of the fountain jets are controlled from LI-1050 valves, allowing activation and individualized operation, to create a multitude of water dynamic effects with the different settings of the system, making the fountain look always different, changing the ways of architecture of the water, sometimes with great dynamism and others with slower cadences, but always in constant motion.

The jets are illuminated with yellow lights, to enhance the architectonic set and integrate it into the beautiful Jerezana  square, at dusk, illuminated with the same color of light.

To prevent wind spill water out of the pond has been installed an anemometer measuring system at a strategic point of the square that controls the height of the water jets depending on the wind speed.

Project Details

  • Proyecto: Architectural Dynamic Fountain at Casinos Roundabout Square. Jerez de la Frontera Spain
  • Equipo del Proyecto: Lumiartecnia Internacional, Imesapi.
  • Ingeniería del Agua: Lumiartecnia Internacional, Imesapi.
  • Cliente: Jerez de la Frontera Municipality