Waterscapes at Parque Central in Valencia

26/03/2019   /   Posted by Lumiartecnia

1.- MAIN FOUNTAIN AND WATER SHEET The main fountain consists of two different waterscapes: an extensive sheet of water and a large walkable fountain of 135 LI-F5200 compact jets from Lumiartecnia. Each LI-F5200 walkable compact jet contains: a multi-color LED RGB ring projector; a progressive valve RS-LI-1245, which does not produce a water hammer, and […]

Meco has celebrated this weekend the festivities in honor of the Virgen de la Cabeza with a complete program of activities for all audiences. In the same way, Ramón y Cajal square has been renovated, where numerous street shows, workshops for the little ones, street shows, live music, fairground attractions, etc. have been held during […]

Pulsar Jets Fountain at Hotel Jardines de Nivaria 5*

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The hotel Jardines de Nivaria 5 * is a famous luxury hotel that has received many awards since its inauguration in 1997, such as the prestigious TUI Holly award that recognizes it as one of the 100 best hotels in the world or the hotel award Most eco-sustainable in the world, awarded by TripAdvisor. Its […]

REPLACEMENT OF THE OLD INCANDESCENCE LUMINAIRES BY HIGH PERFORMANCE LED MULTI-COLOR LIGHTS Lumiartecnia Internacional has successfully made, once again, the change of the old incandescent lighting of this spectacular musical fountain, by LI-L1500 LED spotlights with high luminous efficiency and low electrical consumption, fully made of 316 stainless steel. This replacement of the lighting has […]

On December 13, 2017, the Closing Ceremony of the Patents and Technology Transfer Module of the XXIV Edition of Magister Lvcentinvs was held at the University of Alicante. The table was chaired by the Vice President of International Relations of the University of Alicante, Prof. Juan Llopis, and with the participation of the Director of […]

Digital Water Curtain at Restaurant Origen

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The Origen’s Digital Water Curtain creates a cozy atmosphere of fine rain that welcomes diners inviting them to relax to enjoy an excellent meal in this trendy restaurant in Bilbao. The digital water curtain divides the main hall into two spaces creating a restaurant and a chill out area to enjoy both spaces with different […]

Monumental Digital Water Curtain at Hydropolis, Wroclaw

19/10/2017   /   Posted by Lumiartecnia

Hydropolis, an ultra-modern knowledge center dedicated to water, just opened its doors! An 47 m long Digital Water Curtain displays greetings, stylish patterns and information about the exhibit, by writing them on its responsive waterfall. The HYDROPOLIS Environmental Education Center is a unique place, combining education with modern forms of exhibition. The main subject of […]

The International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva is the most important event of its kind in the world. To get an idea of how important they are, it is as if they were the ‘Oscar prizes’ for inventors. It is only open to innovations that have been patented for less than a year and have […]

Digital Water Curtain at Coca-Cola Headquarters, Madrid

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In the remodeling of Coca-Cola’s headquarters in Madrid stands out the impressive 8 m high Digital Water Curtain in the central lobby, surprising visitors with an attractive and colorful tapestry of water patterns, texts and the brand’s corporative logo. The Coca-Cola headquarters in Madrid have been renovated by Tétris in Spain, the Design & Build […]

MADISON, WI, September 14, 2016 – In the worlds of art and design, successful collaboration is a significant achievement not often celebrated – until now. CODAworx, the hub of the commissioned art economy, has once again partnered with Interior Design magazine, to announce the winners of the fourth annual CODAawards: Collaboration of Design + Art. […]

Smart Square redevelopment at Andalucia Main Square, Palma del Rio

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The square is rearranged becoming recognizable as a single space in line with both the monumental west front, as well as the east, where the institutional buildings are located. An interactive walkable fountain is one of the most attractive elements integrated in the square, facing the Town Hall, an ideal place according to a climate study performed for this urban space. The paving uses several differentiated formats of Granite Grey and Yellow Robledo Port. A […]

Lighting up Madrid´s Fountains: The Water Symphony

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Lecture at the casino of Madrid, on December 1, 2015, by D.Emilio Carretero Alba, industrial engineer, founder and president of Lumiartecnia Internacional. In the majestic Madrid Casino building, a lecture by the founder and president of  Lumiartecnia International, Emilio Carretero Alba, took place. The conference was coordinated by José Carlos Toledano, physicist and architect, and […]

DWC at Mississippi Children’s Museum

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The Literacy Garden at Mississippi Children’s Museum is a one-of-a-kind experience for children to cultivate early childhood literacy skills in an exciting, imaginative outdoor environment. The garden has been a statewide collaborative effort between renowned education and design partners to provide unparalleled experiences to all of Mississippi’s children. In the garden children will unlock wonders […]

Olive Oil Fountain at Spanish Pavilion, ExpoMilano2015

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The Language of Flavor is the name of the Spain Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, dedicated to three main areas: a chain of successful food production, quality and diversity of our diet and food, and sustainable agricultural production as a tool for landscape preservation, heritage and the development of alternative tourism models. Lumiartecnia International has […]

Three-Dimensional Digital Water Curtain

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The 3D Digital Water Curtain represents the beginning of a new generation of digital water technology, showcased in a unique art piece that displays amazing three-dimensional water volumes, patterns and surprising evolutions. Upon entering the museum room where it is exhibited, the audience is amazed to see the striking volumetric shapes the water Matrix curtain […]


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After giving it a lot of thought, we decided to update our logotype to bring it to a more modern look. We wanted it to look more identifiable with our activity, but still with resemblances of our traditional logo, so our friends and customers could recognize us and didn’t think we are a different company. […]

Digital Water Matrix at Science City, Paris

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El “Arte Robótico” se expone en la Ciudad de las Ciencias de París desde el 8 de abril de 2014 hasta el 4 de enero de 2015. “Robotic Art” is exhibited at Cité de Sciences, in Paris, from April 8th 2014 to January 4th 2015. De la veintena de obras reunidas en la inmensa Ciudad […]

DWC at Turkmenbashi International Airport

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In April 2010 a new four-story terminal building was opened with a capacity of 800 passengers per hour. In addition, a new control tower height with a height of 61 metres was put into operation. It was equipped with special equipment, as well as housing for receiving VIP-persons, meetings and conferences. An elegant Digital Water […]

Interactive Digital Water Curtain at Mutua Madrid Open 2013

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Lumiartecnia Internacional placed an interactive Digital Water Curtain at Madrid’s ‘Magic Box’, to amuse, refresh and surprise the visitors, who can also play and interact with the DWC by drawing or writing their names in the water. Mutua Madrid Tennis Open started yesterday at Madrid’s ‘Magic Box’. The best tennis players in the tournament will […]

Great Floating Aquatic Ballet at Deokjin Park. Jeonju-si. Korea

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Deokjin Park (덕진공원) Floating Musical Fountain (JeonjuSi(JeonJu city)) Deokjin Park is a representative city park of Jeonju, and was built in the background of ponds made during the Koryo dynasty.(First designated as a park in May 1938). Within the precinct of 4,5000 pyeong, the pond takes about 2/3 of the area in the southern park, […]

The old railway station building and its surroundings were remodeled to create a modern and attractive theme park dedicated to the railroad. Inside the complex there is the country’s largest railroad museum. To beautify the park and gardens a set of architectural fountains were installed as well as a large Aquatic Ballet  that is a […]

DIGITAL WATER CURTAIN as 21st Century Urban Furniture

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Street furniture refers to objects and facilities located in urban public spaces that provide various services and functions to the public. It is one of the essential elements of the urban environment that contributes to humans and their activities. The Digital Water Curtain integrates all the characteristics that must have a 21st century urban furniture […]

Digital Water Pavilion

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The DWP was the first building of Milla Digital, inaugurated during the Expo Zaragoza 2008. This is the first building ever built whose external facades are fully integrated by digital water curtains. These curtains are digitally controlled and have integrated sensors, to achieve dynamic openings. Through an interface, the user can create interactive sequences in […]

Cuatro Torres Business Area (CTBA) Digital Fountains

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The four towers represent the most modern and futuristic Madrid. Construction began in 2004 and was inaugurated in late 2008 and early 2009. The official name of the complex is Cuatro Torres Business Area (CTBA). The towers are located where the old Real Madrid Sports City was. Currently the area has open spaces, gardens and […]

Lumiartecnia’s Water Screen at El Hormiguero with Tom Cruise

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Flyboard and Video Projection Water Screen with Tom Cruise The amazing experiment in El Hormiguero exceeds all expectations of Tom Cruise. Marron surprised pulling it off the set with Pablo Motos and teaching a spectacular water show by an expert in Flyboard a pool who is able to rise up to twelve meters. The surprise […]

Multimedia Aquatic Ballet at theme park Terra Mitica

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The Multimedia water show “Latidos del Mar” made for Terra Mitica theme park has been internationally acclaimed for its originality and remarkable quality of the aquatic scenes, in which stands the extraordinary video projection water screen of 40 m in length and 20 m high, 10 water cannons, lasers, video and fireworks exploding to the […]

Monumental Waterfalls in Zaragoza’s River Aquarium

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Zaragoza River Aquarium, one of the three thematic pavilions of Expo Zaragoza 2008, is the largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world. It has 8,000 m2 of which 3,400 m2 are expository. In its 60 tanks are housed over 1,200 animals of over 120 species of river fauna characteristic of each […]

XXI Century Fountains, Conference in Kiev by Juan Carretero

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XXI century fountains in Kiev. В Киеве представлены фонтаны 21 века. Fuentes del siglo XXI en Kiev Write a message or drawing in the water by using a mobile phone or Internet. Science fiction?Not at all! It is available now. Read this article and you will see how to make it happen. Напишите что-нибудь на […]

World’s highest waterfall in a vertical garden

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There is a magical space, unique, hidden in the heart of Madrid. It is the largest vertical garden and highest waterfall in the world as recognized by the Guinness record book. You can visit this vertical garden and waterfall at the exclusive Hotel Mercure Madrid Santo Domingo located near Callao and Gran Via. Awesome with […]

Madrid Rio Waterscaping projects

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Madrid Rio urban & landscape project was awarded by the International Committee of Architectural Critics with the CICA Award 2011 and Green Good Design 2011, Lumiartecnia Internacional collaborated and acted as consultant to the team of architects for the water landscape design and fountains conception for Madrid Rio. This project has become an international reference […]

Emilio Carretero Alvarez, founder of the fountain makers saga

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Emilio Carretero Alvarez founded in 1956 ‘AIDA’ the first fountain company in the family saga.

Photographic fountains as monumental installations

18/10/2017   /   Posted by Lumiartecnia

VISUAL POETRY IN WATER With today’s technological advances in digital printing for large format images, along with inks that are now designed to withstand outdoor exposures, and ways for providing the printed image a viable protection from weather; the possibilities for creating photo-sculptural installations of large dimensions are extraordinary. ART IN AQUA and LUMIARTECNIA INTERNATIONAL […]

Marron in the science section of El Hormiguero has tried to teach Maxi Iglesias how to get what men have been wishing for many centuries: the perfect jet. Marron has taught how to make the water texture look like glass by using a special laminar nozzle developed by Lumiartecnia. The water falls softly and quietly […]

Aquatic Ballet Spa Aquaxana Las Caldas

18/10/2017   /   Posted by Lumiartecnia

“Nocturnal Spa” With the complicity of the night, warm lighting, the sound of water and selected relaxing music, spending a night in the waters and relaxation areas in Aquaxana is a unique experience. In this space come together water, natural light, lighting and sound elements that give life to a scenario that will develop a […]

Wave Fountain

18/10/2017   /   Posted by Lumiartecnia

This innovative digital fountain fuses art and mathematics. The trigonometric functions are displayed on the fountain forming waves of variable frequency and length, generating an impressive moving water sculpture, reminiscent of the sound of the sea. The elegant basin design creates a transparent waterfall sliding down covering the granite stone construction. The wave fountain is […]

3D Fountain

18/10/2017   /   Posted by Lumiartecnia

The first three-dimensional fountain in the world. This state-of-the-art fountain behaves as a three-dimensional water sculpture continually evolving in an attractive and interactive way. This project is a breakthrough in the concept of architectural fountains. Delicias Station square is defined by consistent lines with the aesthetics of the High Speed train station building, being the […]

Cesar Millan ‘whispers’ water images at ‘El Hormiguero’

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Cesar Millan ‘whispers’ water images at ‘El Hormiguero’ The dog trainer Cesar Millan, better known as ‘The Dog Whisperer’ for his famous TV show, triggered the audience of ‘El Hormiguero’ after visiting ‘Trancas’ and ‘Barrancas’ Wednesday night, in the TV show presented by Pablo Motos. ‘The Dog whisperer’ narrated his first experience in the U.S. […]

60 years of research, development and accomplishments

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Lumiartecnia Internacional has been along the years a leading company in the innovation, development and application of the newest technologies in the field of water architecture. Three generations of fountain design tradition and ample experience have made us great specialists in water engineering with architectural, ornamental and play applications. D. Emilio Alvarez Carretero was awarded […]