Aquaxana Thermal Village

Aquaxana is the new eco spa center that has recently opened in the resort of Las Caldas Villa Termal. The amazing Aquatic Ballet, designed, installed and programmed by International Lumiartecnia is acclaimed and waited with anticipation for the visitors, as it is the great surprise and hallmark of the center, where water, light, color and music, are the undisputed protagonists of thermal space. All building lighting is controlled by the computer system Controlidor, creating a unique visual spectacle adapted to the different uses of the space, either illuminating dramatically the Aquatic Ballet during the water shows, or creating a relaxing environment in which the lights change on a scheduled basis to produce a chromo therapy show, changing harmoniously the light colors according to the ambient sound melodies.

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Project Details

  • Project: Las Caldas Thermal Village, Oviedo, Spain
  • Project Team: Lumiartecnia Internacional, CEYD
  • Water Engineering: Lumiartecnia Internacional
  • Client: Las Caldas Thermal Village