Aquatic Ballet at Sierra de Alica Park, Zacatecas

In the Sierra de Alica Park, also known as General Enrique Estrada Park, stands the famous aqueduct ‘The Cube’, next to the Plaza de Toros Former San Pedro, today occupied by a luxury hotel.

Its construction began in the last years of the colony and was completed in the first Independent Mexico. This monumental hydraulic work is a sign of the majesty of the buildings of the City of Zacatecas.

Among all the monuments that can be visited in the park they are: the Old Plaza de Toros San Pedro, Enrique Estrada Park, Francisco Goitia Museum, the Temple of Fatima and the Spectacular Fountain of Light and Color, form a set of splendours that they adorn the city, giving it a distinctive touch of elegance.

In the spacious park you can take a long walk through the corridors and rest a little on the grass, under the shade of one of its many trees.

The dancing fountain, inside the park, has become a favorite place for visitors, who can enjoy water shows that displays the Aquatic Ballet, as they sit and rest on the natural grass ridge that acts as outdoor amphitheater.

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Project Details

  • Project: Aquatic Ballet at Sierra de Alica Park. Zacatecas. México.
  • Project Team: Lumiartecnia Internacional, EF
  • Water Engineering: Lumiartecnia Internacional
  • Client: Zacatecas Municipality