Aquatic Ballet at Safari Center Mall

Set in the Golden Mile, one of the most exclusive areas of Tenerife, in a commercial complex of striking architectural structure with a very attractive central square for this awesome fountain of great dimensions.

The spectacular Aquatic Ballet is developed on a high elliptical pond 50 m in length, which overflows into a mighty waterfall, lighted at night. It is the mall’s major tourist attraction for people who visit the famous beaches of southern Tenerife, offering an unmatched spectacle in the area, which has already become a favorite and must-see place for entertainment at the maritime boulevard

This water Ballet consists of a wide variety of lighting fixtures, nozzles and valves manufactured by Lumiartecnia: Vertical, hoops spray, parabolic, towers and fans of jets, which their evolutions and color changes synchronize perfectly to the rhythm of the musical pieces choreographed by exclusive artists

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Project Details

  • Project: Aquatic Ballet at Safari Center Mall. Playa de las Americas. Tenerife. Spain.
  • Project Team: Lumiartecnia Internacional, Imes.
  • Water Engineering: Lumiartecnia Internacional, Imes.
  • Client: Safari Center Mall.