Aquatic Ballet at Retiro Park. Jerez de la Frontera

Retiro Park differs from other gardens, for housing within its limited space, one of the best collections in the city shrubby, which for its variety and category, make it a real botanical museum. For many years, these lands were closed and isolated from the city, retaining its authentic physiognomy romantic, but the transit time has been gradually conditioned its original appearance, in order to adapt to current times. This hobble were emerging rides trees, the squares, the current Aquatic Ballet and these gardens they are turning this place into one of the most frequented and popular venue City.

Location: Retiro Park is situated in the east of the city, in a bordering the Paseo de las Delicias and Street firehouse environment.

Relax and play:

The Retiro Gardens have become a place for leisure and relaxation, where visitors can stroll, enjoy your trees, perceive the melodies of the Aquatic Ballet, sit and drink coffee, while children enjoy their facilities.

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Project Details

  • Project: Aquatic Ballet at Retiro Park. Jerez de la Frontera
  • Project Team: Lumiartecnia Internacional, Imesapi.
  • Water Engineering: Lumiartecnia Internacional, Imesapi.
  • Client: Municipality of Jerez de la Frontera