A modern walkable fountain, made by Lumiartecnia Internacional, located in the center of the Constitution Square, enlivened the inaugural evening, dancing in a choreographed way to the rhythm of a selection of very varied music to get along with the taste of the public of all ages, that they enjoyed the show around the dry deck fountain.

The fountain is composed of 17 walkable compact jets model LI-F5300, which incorporates a Multicolor LED light that illuminates the water jet in its entirety. This LED light can combine thousands of different colors that are chosen harmoniously, to ‘paint’ light and color throughout the dry deck fountain, by the powerful Controlidor software that handles the entire installation in an interactive and fully automatic way.

The walkable fountain jets are activated from independent pumping groups, governed by an electronic system developed by Lumiartecnia Internacional. These electronic controls allow the regulation of the height of each jet, from a few centimeters to 3 m in height, independently in each of them, thus making the dry deck fountain to evolve dynamically, creating a wide variety of sequences of appearances, displacements and changing water scenes.

LI-F5300 jets are perfectly integrated in floor level pavement. The filter cover, made of stainless steel, blends in with the surroundings as it is painted with the color chosen by the customer.

The fountain integrates a filtration system that maintains the quality of the water in good condition and an air control system that lowers the height of the jets in case of moderate wind or momentarily disconnects it in case of strong wind. Both systems are also controlled from the Controlidor software itself.

More information at: http://lumiartecnia.com/2018/05/03/mecos-constitution-square-was-inaugurated-with-a-water-music-color-show/

Project Details:

  • Project: 17 EcoJets LI-F5300 Walkable Fountain. Constitution Squarem, Meco. Spain.
  • Project Team: Lumiartecnia Internacional, Hirimasa
  • Water Engineering: Lumiartecnia Internacional.
  • Client: Meco Municipality