Walkable Compact Jet

Walkable Compact Jet.

Patented by Lumiartecnia, it is the ideal solution for all types of dry deck and walkable fountains, for its technical features, ease of maintenance, its sleek design and attractive visual impact on the landscape


Does it come in different shapes?

The LI-F5000 Walkable Compact Jet can be manufactured with different shapes and custom designs for each project. The LI-F5000 Walkable Compact Jets are integrated into the surrounding ground level and require very little civil work. High power multicolor LED lights are integrated into the walkable compact jet lid to efficiently illuminate the water jets.

Is it possible to make a fountain installation on top of an existing parking?

A pond full of water under the fountain jets is not needed, as it is usual in other types of walkable fountain installations, avoiding the slab to be loaded with many tons of ground water and preventing water losses since it is very difficult to perfectly waterproof large dimension ponds. The walkable compact jet, by not requiring a pond below, is the ideal solution for walkable and dry deck fountains, since it makes a fountain possible to be installed on top of parkings, basements, roofs, urban squares, etc, even if the concrete slab is thin.


Can the rainwater be used to refill the water in the system?

The LI-F5000 Walkable Compact jets are highly sustainable because they may use the rainwater to fill the compensation tank that keeps water clean and treated at all times, making the most of this natural resource, so valuable and so scarce sometimes.

Urban Beach

The LI-F5000 Walkable Compact Jets make possible at an affordable cost, the integration of walkable fountains in urban areas, creating new meeting, leisure and recreation places in the city, such as: Urban Beaches, Urban Oases and wet areas for children to play and have fun. Madrid Rio Urban Beach Project.


Is the water safe for the children to play with it?

The water in the system is at all times purified, treated and filtered with the same level of protection and hygiene than a public pool, so that visitors can safely enjoy the water space and be confident that children play in an environment healthy, refreshing and fun.

LI-F5000 Walkable Compact Jet maintenance is very simple and it is performed in dry conditions,without maintenance personnel working inside the water, having to empty the pond or taking a long time to complete the repair work. The Walkable Compact Jet lid can be designed to receive the same pavement or finish than the rest of the square, and in this way mimicking the compact jet into the environment, leaving at sight just the lights and the nozzles. The advanced control system in the installation, allows the walkable fountain to be highly interactive by using the products and software developed by Lumiartecnia:. foot push buttons, motion sensors, smartphone applications and games, interactive touch screens, etc

Controlidor ® Software

A powerful and advanced control software to make the most of the digital water technology

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