Photographic Fountains ®

Introducing the new Photographic Fountains, a completely new concept in the design field of wall fountains.

Developed in collaboration with Art in Aqua, Art and exclusivity, elegance, Peace and Wellness, converge in this inspiring new concept.

One may say that our origin emanates from a fountain, the essence of the mystery from which all things are born, the breast that nurtures life; a fountain is the manifestation of what is natural and an expression of the artificial. Water is a mystery, a great treasure, the provider of life, what we are made of and the most abundant element on the surface of our planet, it is continuously flowing, changing, and constantly transforming. Water is energy, the source of purification and initiation, it quenches our thirst, alleviates heat, defeats fire; it is solid, liquid and gaseous, vital and mortal.

Photographic fountains are an innovative way of exploring the use of the photographic language and how this may be applied to designing indoor as well as outdoor fountains. By collaborating with the recognized photographic artist Ricardo B. Sanchez, we project an abstract vision of water, creating a way of painting with light, and generating a symbol of who we are. This is how an image of water comes together with the real flow of the precious element, thereby creating a photographic fountain: it is the encounter between that which pretends to freeze an instant in time with what does not cease to flow and change.

Photographic Fountain Outdoor Sculpture


Photographic fountains are ideal for decorating and providing a distinctive atmosphere to both interior and exterior spaces, providing your environment with a live work of art that can be both exclusive and unique. A fine film of water flows over the artistic photograph, creating a poetic vision of water. The quality of the artistic imagery and the materials employed is of the highest standards and they have been shown in gallery and fine art exhibits. They are ideally suited for offices, corporate environments, spas, hotels, shopping malls, homes, gardens and public spaces as well as for advertising and corporate support.


Photographic fountains can be designed and custom made in a broad variety of sizes especially suited for your needs. They can be made as floor stands, murals in a wall, or translucent glass imagery to best suit your desires and needs. We will be supplying a line of standard sizes, so depending on how you want to use them, the image can be a fixed artistic and poetic creation, or the photograph can be replaced for advertising or other needs.

Our ability to print on glass allows us to create the effect of a spectacular stained glass fountain suitable for interior or exterior use, and as floor stand or customized wall adapted fountains.

Large murals of almost any dimension are also possible using the technology of the photographic fountains. They can be used to cover facades or inside walls as well as for large or small public spaces.

All the standard models will have the option of LED light and the custom models will be illuminated to fit your design and to enhance the attraction of the imagery

Photographic Fountain Indoor Hotel
Photographic Fountain Mural


The photographic fountain can be especially designed for outdoor use. The photographs of water used in these fountains are especially protected so that water can slide down and across the surface of the image without any harm to the print. They are printed on materials, which are adequate for outdoor exposure, so they are suitable as an attractive addition to the landscape, garden or public space.


The installation of the standard photographic fountains is simple, therefore a specialists is not required.

They are supplied in modules designed for immediate installation. However, if you wish to be helped with the installation, our team of specialists will be happy to assist you.

Our specialists will install all custom designed photographic fountains.

Photographic Fountain Indoor Mall


Using the advanced technology currently available, we can project artistic videos or any other kind of video a client might require on curtains of water or mist, or other materials suitable for video projections. Adequate spaces are required in order to combine video projections with mural fountains, curtains of water or mist, but the visual effect of integrating moving images with flowing water can be highly impacting. Consult with us to study the possibility of developing a project that incorporates video projections with flowing water.

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