Digital Water Curtain

Digital Water Curtain® is a registered trade mark by Lumiartecnia internacional

The Digital Water Curtain is an architectural concept designed by engineers to be integrated in big outdoor projects, adapting the shape and performance to meet any customers need, including a tailor-made water engineering solution for every project.

DWC_triptico-3How does it work?

The Digital Water Curtain works as a ‘water plotter’ computer controlled that displays graphics, patterns and texts, by switching fast acting valves on and off. This produces falling segments of water that serve as pixels, creating a surprising display that constantly scrolls downward.


How is it supplied?

The DWC comes in prefabricated modules with fast speed high quality valves, high power RGB LED Lights and motion detection sensors, all assembled in aluminum trusses with elegant and compact design, quick to install and easy to maintain.



The digital curtain is highly interactive using all types of interfaces drivers via WiFi or through Internet: Smart phones, Tablets, PDAs, Laptops, etc.

The digital water curtain may integrate sensors along its length. These sensors may detect the approach of people, so that the water curtain opens to let them pass through.


DWC_triptico-5Uses: indoor and outdoor.

The digital water curtain can have any shape and adapt to the existing architecture, integrating the water display perfectly in the surrounding area, creating, original new spaces.

The Digital Water Curtain can be placed indoors to create an original ‘wall’ display highly interactive with the visitors. This type of water display is ideal for Malls, Shopping centers, open space offices, hotel lobbies, airports, etc.

The water curtain nozzles are designed to create a video projection quality water screen. The water engineering system is designed for fountain specialists in order to keep the water clean, recycled, filtered and treated at all times so the DWC can withstand the hard conditions of an outdoor installation. The wind doesn’t affect the DWC performance; splashing is under control with a proper area design.


Controlidor ® Software

A powerful and advanced control software to make the most of the digital water technology.


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