Pabellón del Agua Digital
Digital Water Pavilion
Fuente 3D
3D Fountain
Fuente Onda
Wave Fountain
Madrid Rio, Paisajes Acuáticos
Madrid Rio, Waterscaping projects
Aquaxana Villa Termal / Las Caldas
Aquaxana Thermal Village
Cascadas Monumentales del Acuario Fluvial
River Aquarium Monumental Waterfalls
Espectáculo Acuático en Terra Mítica
Terra Mítica Water Show
CTBA Fuentes Transitables
CTBA Walkable Fountains
Ballet Acuático y fuentes ornamentales en Plaza de las Tres Centurias
Aquatic Ballet and architectural

fountains at Plaza de las Tres Centurias
Ballet Acuático Flotante en Deokjin Park (덕진공원) en (JeonjuSi (JeonJu city))
Deokjin Park (덕진공원) Floating Musical

Fountain (JeonjuSi (JeonJu city)) 
Cortina de Agua Digital en Seul (Corea)
Digital Water Curtain at Seoul (Korea)
Matriz de Agua Digital
Digital Water Matrix
Cortina de Agua Digital en el museo de la infancia de Mississippi
Digital Water Curtain at

Mississippi Children’s Museum
Cascada más alta del mundo en un Jardin Vertical
World Highest waterfall in a vertical garden
Ballet Acuático en la plaza Diego Ibarra, Caracas
Aquatic Ballet at Diego Ibarra square, Caracas
Proyectos de Emilio Carretero en Madrid / Fuente de Cibeles
Emilio Carretero’s Projects in Madrid 

Cibeles Fountain
Proyectos Emilio Carretero en Madrid / Fuentes Océanas Plaza de Colón
Emilio Carretero’s Projects in Madrid 

Ocean Fountains at Columbus Square, Madrid
Ballet Acuático en el centro comercial Safari, Tenerife
Aquatic Ballet at Safari

Shopping Center, Tenerife
Fuente transitable y playa urbana
Walkable Fountain & Splashpad
Fuente Interactiva hotel Al Masah, El Cairo
Smart Fountain at Al Masah Hotel, Cairo
Fuente Interactiva Tres en raya
Tic-Tac-Toe Interactive Fountain

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We manufacture our own range of Nozzles and State-of-the-art Aquatic Mechanisms, designed by our R+D department

Lumiartecnia is the inventor of the Digital Water Curtain®, the Compact Jet® concept, as well as developer of many patented fountain products.

60 years of Research

Three generations devoted to research and development of Engineering and Water Architecture.

We are a leading company in innovation, development and application of the latest technologies in the field of Water Architecture. Our long tradition and extensive experience has made us great specialists with deep knowledge of the possibilities that water engineering treasures for architectural, play and spectacular applications.



Our works are present in over 30 countries, but still we continue to open new horizons.

Our works are distinguished by the originality of the conceptual designs with reliable engineering

The development of our own hydraulic and software solutions, using the latest available technologies, all executed with a sound water engineering.